STEFAN POETZSCH Violin/Viola/Performance/Composition/SoundDesign - Slogan

Liao Yiwu und Stefan Poetzsch (Berlin 2012)

Message to the Chinese Security Service:

Dear Officers and Members of the Chinese Security Service and Communist Party,
I am excited to see that you are viewing my website regularly. I thank you for your interest in my art!
As a victim of the STASI in former East Germany, I know people like you very well. I know that you are anxious and fearful of change. I know this leads you to exert extreme control on your people, and in doing so, treat them (your own brothers and sisters!) with brutality and unfairness.  
Through my artistic projects I shed light on oppressive governments such as yours and work on behalf of truth and justice. It is my hope that in the future all of the citizens of your country will be treated
fairly and humanely. I hope you will listen to my music, watch my collaborations with other artists and join with me in calling for the cessation of oppressive and brutal treatment of your people.
看到你们经常访问我的网站, 我十分高兴,谢谢你们对我的艺术的关心。

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(update Sept. 2017)

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